Cat Food

Cat FoodWhat’s that old saying… “You are what you eat”. Whether your kitten’s in their first year of life or your mature cat is in their golden years, nutritional cat food diets plays a major role in keeping your cat healthy and happy.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they must eat meat/protein to thrive and remain healthy. We know that cats can be fussy so we offer a large range of premium diet and veterinary only prescription diets. Our staff are highly trained when it comes to cat nutrition, we are regularly being trained and updated in the diets that we offer. We also practice what we preach and most of us feed at least one of the diets we stock so know first hand what our cats think about them.

Although we do not sell fresh raw meat we do think that you should offer it to your cat as part of their normal daily diet (unless of course for medical reasons it is contraindicated). We also think that you should feed your cat human grade fresh raw meat. We will happily discuss your cats individual dietary requirements when next you and your cat are in at the hospital. If you want more detailed information on cat nutrition click the link to the FAB cat website which has a detailed information sheet on feeding cats: