Consultations & Routine Health Checks

Cat Consultations & Routine Health ChecksAt The Cat Clinic Hobart we offer Consultations and Routine Health Checks exclusively for cats. Our hospital has been designed with only cats in mind and our waiting room is comfortable, clean and quiet. Our consultation rooms are cat focused and we have only equipment that is cat friendly. Our staff understand the special needs of cats and are skilled at handling them to minimise their stress when coming to the vets.

At different times during your cats life it will need to come to visit the vet for various reasons. At The Cat Clinic Hobart we recommend you and your cat come a minimum of once a year for an annual health check. As your feline friend gets older we may recommend more regular check ups, just as we would expect for ourselves as we get older. We focus on your cats different life stages and can discuss with you our recommendations for each of those stages.

We strongly recommend that all cats come to the hospital in a carrier for their appointments.