Cat Dentistry

Dentistry for cats is far more common than we realise, due to the nature of dental diseases. Cats tend to hide pain and discomfort and so often owners are not aware of the fact that their cat has dental disease. Sometimes you may have an idea that your cat may have dental disease due to their smelly breath but other times the signs are very subtle, like reduced appetite, drooling, weight loss, changes in grooming habits or even a change in how they eat. The scary part about dental disease is that the only sensation a tooth feels is ‘Pain’. Think about how painful it is when you have a toothache, imagine having to cope with this for months on end.

There are several dental conditions that are common to cats. These include: juvenile gingivitis, resorptive lesions, fractured teeth, stomatitis and sometimes orthodontic abnormalities. At The Cat Clinic we are fully equipped to cope with almost all your cats dental needs. In fact Moira has completed a 12 month post Graduate course in Companion Animal Dentistry.

A beautiful tabby cat playing upside down on it's cat house

It is our aim to ensure that your cat has the healthiest teeth and gums it can so that they are firstly pain free, but also so they can live longer. There is a lot of data out today to support that healthy gums and teeth ensures healthy cats.

At your annual check up each year we will perform a dental check and discuss what we need to do, if anything, to keep your cats teeth and gums healthy. Some of our recommendations may include a routine scale and polish, occasionally we may need to extract a tooth or just make a few modifications to their diet.

Moira has remained in close contact with one of Victoria’s only Registered Veterinary Dentists and is able to discuss those more complicated cases with him. She can even organise referral to his practice in Melbourne if necessary. Moira has also made good friends with a human dentist who is very happy to help out with advice on those more tricky cases. Now you can’t get much better than that!