Cat Grooming/ Nail Clipping

We know that some cats are impossible to brush! Some cats are also no longer able to groom themselves either and so can become very matted in particular areas like under their bellies and over their backs. At The Cat Clinic Hobart we are able to provide a grooming service for your cat under either a light sedation or a light general anaesthetic. Like all cats having an anaesthetic or sedation at our hospital we take every possible precaution to ensure your cats health while under an anaesthetic or sedation.

Our nurses are very skilled at grooming cats and we can discuss with you what is best for your cat prior to booking in for this procedure. Some cats will need to be clipped very short all over (Lion Clip), where as some cats may just need to be combed out to make it easier for you to continue brushing them at home or to remove some of that dead hair that has built up over winter. The first time you have your cat clipped can be a bit of a shock so please be sure to have a look at some of our before and after shots… Clipping your cats nails can be very important for your cat as it gets older. We are happy to show you how to clip your cats nails using your own nail clippers or if it is just too stressful for you and your cat we would be happy to do it for you while you wait.