At some point in your cats life there is a good chance that they will need hospitalisation. They may need to spend a night in hospital with us. We understand how uncomfortable cats are when they are not at home and in particular when they are in a veterinary hospital. Our cages for this reason are specifically not stainless steel, which cats find cold, uncomfortable and noisy. We can tell if your cat is happy or not when it spends any length of time in our hospital. Just asks us when you are in next and we can demonstrate to you that most of the cats that spend any time at our clinic, even though they would prefer to be at home, are not stressed unduly.

Our trained nurses monitor each individual patient closely and ensure all their needs are met. They also spend a good part of the day just comforting your cat so that it feels that little bit more comfortable and hopefully recovers that bit quicker. No longer does your critically ill cat have to spend the day above a barking dog! When it comes to handling cats ‘Less is More’, and our nurses are trained how to handle your cat with as little restraint as possible.