After Hours Veterinary Care

ahvecAHVEC is a dedicated after hours veterinary emergency centre that is open when The Cat Clinic is closed. To ensure that we give your feline friends the best possible care during the day we have to refer our after hours cases to AHVEC at night. AHVEC is staffed by veterinarians who are fully trained in emergency medicine and critical care and have a veterinarian on hand at any time during the night when your cat may need them, even if it is at 3.00 am. We are also able to refer our critical care cases there over night when we want your cat to have 24 hour care.

The Cat Clinic Hobart and AHVEC work closely together so that any time you might have to visit AHVEC in an emergency situation they will inform us and send through a detailed history of your cats visit the next morning. Obviously we hope that you and your cat never has to visit AHVEC but it is wonderful peace of mind knowing that they are there.

In fact, Moira played an integral role in the development and opening of AHVEC in 2011 with many years of behind the scenes work to get it there. It has long been a passion of hers, and many other Tasmanian Veterinary Clinicians, to see an After Hours Veterinary Emergency Centre available to the many and varied beloved pets in Southern Tasmania.

AHVEC’s website : | Phone : 1300 302 912