Cat SurgeryAt The Cat Clinic we can perform a vast range of operations from routine de-sexings, lump removals and wound stitch ups to more complicated exploratory laparotomy’s, tumour removals, caesarians and some orthopaedic procedures. We pride ourselves on the fact that we use the safest anaesthetic agents we can buy and monitor our patients with cardiac, respiratory and critical care monitors. Just like in a human hospital, our surgery area is completely sterile and our staff pride themselves on how sterile it is kept!

We try to minimise the risks associated with anaesthetics by placing an intravenous catheter in all of our patients that have an anaesthetic, we offer pre-anaesthetic blood screening, we place all our anaesthetic patients on intra-op intravenous fluids and have a trained nurse continually monitor the patient’s anaesthetic throughout the procedure, whether it is short or long.

Should your cat require a specialist surgical procedure we are able to organise referral to either a visiting registered surgical specialist or highly qualified surgeon at a neighbouring hospital if your cat cannot wait till the visiting specialist is next in Hobart.

We understand the thought of your cat having an anaesthetic or surgical procedure can be daunting and sometimes very worrying so welcome you to schedule a time to come and talk with our trained staff regarding your concerns.