Dr Moira van Dorsselaer

Dr Moira van Dorsselaer“ I love cats. I always have. In particular I love my own cat Ozi, who for a 3 1/2 kg animal has an amazing ability to get me (and the rest of the family) to do what ever he wants when he wants! He likes to be fed at least 15 times per day, he will only sleep on the neatly folded clean washing, he likes us to open the door (he wouldn’t dream of using the cat door we put in for him) so he can go outside for a bit of sunshine (about 15 minutes is ample, note at least 3 times per day), he likes to sleep on your head and don’t dare to move once he is settled! I can’t remember the last time I used my computer where he was not sitting in front of the screen or when I have read something without him obscuring the content in some way!

We have stopped buying the paper, he thinks we get it for him to lie on or destroy. He expects to be fed a small sample of every meal we eat if it has any fresh meat in it. Yes he will get up on the bench and demand his share. My husband has learnt to turn a blind eye and I have given up thinking that he will stop doing it. As a client once came into work and said to me “ This is my cat, I am her slave”. We are willing slaves to our beautiful Ozi.

I also love when I get to meet other people’s cats in a consultation and how outgoing they can be and how you can see almost instantly the personality they have. I feel very privileged that I can honestly say I love my job. I wanted to be a vet from a little kid and love going to work. To work exclusively with cats is a long term dream and finally I have achieved it. Cats are not small dogs and now owners have a choice to take their cat’s to a veterinary clinic that cares exclusively for cats.”

My dad is another reason why I love cats. We always had a cat when I was growing up and I think it is from those cats that I developed such a strong affinity for them and learnt from such an early age what they do and don’t like, and ultimately why I became a veterinarian. I have been able to translate what I learnt as a child and the years of general practice into a gentle and compassionate approach to all cats and can completely understand why owners adore and spoil their cats, just like dad always did.