Suzi Ellard

Suzi EllardSuzi started her veterinary nursing career in 1983 in the United Kingdom. She emigrated to Australia in 1986 on her own with her beautiful ginger tom (or long haired red tabby as she preferred to describe him) “Barney”. Suzi moved to Western Australia with Barney, where while working as a veterinary nurse she met her husband to be, a fisheries veterinarian Kevin. They moved to Tasmania in 1999 with their pets and their two children.

Suzi mostly takes care of the reception area at The Cat Clinic. She is the one who will book your appointments, organise your cats medication, make sure their food arrives when it is supposed too, send your cats laboratory samples and make sure the results come back when they are supposed too, just to name a few things that she does each day. Suzi doesn’t forget things, she is exceptionally thorough, always follows things up and is the most organised person on our team! She keeps us on our toes.

30 years of veterinary nursing experience also makes her more than qualified to do some of our veterinary nursing when we need. Suzi lives at home with Kevin, her 2 children, her 2 over sized dogs, Dylan & Marley and her parents half sized dog Rusty. She would love to have a cat again but her husband won’t allow her! We are working on him. Don’t be surprised if Suzi tells you how much she has enjoyed having her lunch break with one of your cats nestled on her lap having a cuddle.