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At different times during your cats life it will need to come to visit the vet for various reasons. At The Cat Clinic Hobart we recommend you and your cat come a minimum of once a year for an annual health check. As your feline friend gets older we may recommend more regular check ups, just as we would expect for ourselves as we get older. We focus on your cats different life stages and can discuss with you our recommendations for each of those stages.


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that vaccinations play a vital role in reducing the prevalence and severity of several feline diseases including some that are associated with a high mortality rate. For this reason we support the routine vaccination of all cats against major infectious diseases.


We routinely microchip cats and consider it a safe procedure. Microchips do not at this stage aid in locating your missing cat but are essential in identifying lost cats that turn up at veterinary hospitals and cat shelters. We strongly recommend you get your cat or kitten microchipped.


At The Cat Clinic we are fully equipped to cope with almost all your cats dental needs. It is our aim to ensure that your cat has the healthiest teeth and gums it can so that they are firstly pain free, but also so they can live longer. At your annual check up each year we will perform a dental check and discuss what we need to do, if anything, to keep your cats teeth and gums healthy.

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