We provide complete, best practice professional care for your cat at a time when they need it most. Our professional care is specific to their needs and includes gentle cat handling techniques, loving care, consistent communication and continuation of care throughout their hospital stay with us.


Pathology is often essential in enabling us to make a diagnosis in what is wrong with your cat. We have in-house pathology equipment that allows us to perform multiple pathology tests and for more advanced testing we make use of multiple external interstate veterinary pathology laboratories. This allows us to diagnose age-related diseases early and potentially add years to your cat's life.


Radiographs are an essential part of any veterinary practice. Not only do we use radiographs to diagnose fractured bones we use them to diagnose foreign bodies, heart & lung disease, osteoarthritis and multiple other conditions. Having this equipment available in our hospital means we can use it whenever your cat requires us to take an X-ray.


We perform a vast range of operations from routine desexings to more complicated procedures like tumour removals and caesareans. We understand the thought of your cat having an anaesthetic or surgical procedure can be daunting so we welcome you to come and talk with our trained staff regarding your concerns.


We understand how uncomfortable cats are when they are not at home and in particular when they are in a veterinary hospital. Our trained nurses monitor each individual patient closely and ensure all their needs are met. They also spend a good part of the day just comforting your cat so that it feels that little bit more comfortable and hopefully recovers that bit quicker.


We stock a full pharmacy of cat-specific drugs at cat-specific doses. No longer do we need to try and fit a dog tablet to your cat! Because we know how difficult it is to medicate some cats we can even have some medications compounded into liquids and pastes that are more palatable.

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