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Exclusively for Cats * After Hours Emergency? Call AHVEC 1300 302 912
* Ultrasound * Quiet, Clean, Calm * Cat Friendly environment * Boarding * Grooming
* Cat Vet Veterinary * Passionate * Less Stress for your cat.

The Cat Clinic Hobart is exclusively for cats. We have created a cat friendly environment that is quiet, clean and calm. There are no strong smells, loud noises or curious dogs that your cat doesn’t know. Your cat will experience less stress resulting in better healing and recovery. All our staff love cats. We have dedicated our knowledge and skills to the veterinary care of cats and can discuss with you appropriate care options to ensure together we make the best decisions for your cat.

We believe you and your cat will enjoy visiting The Cat Clinic Hobart as much as we enjoy seeing you and your cat.
Our veterinary cat clinic offers animal boarding, ultrasound, surgery and much more.

“It is our mission to provide the highest level of care to our patients
and enrich the lives of cats & those who love them.”

Dr Moira van Dorsselaer.

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